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Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes won 1 FA Cup, 3 League titles, 2 European Cups and the coveted European Champions League winners medal in 1999. Scholes began life as a football player in east London and made his senior debut for West Ham United in 1978, the club record for a British debut for a midfielder. His debut was against Fulham, his team selection for the match at the third division. The future England international made his Premier League debut in 1979 for Wigan Athletic, a huge attendances for a Wigan side that were in decline. He scored his first goal for the club on his debut, a solo goal, and he went on to score 39 goals for the club in total, scoring 17 in 59 appearances. Bernard King, the legendary former England international, chose to sign Scholes from Wigan for his England team in a controversial move. He was convinced that…

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Player Of The Year award

We all know David Beckham as the man behind playing for the Manchester United. Unfortunately he left this club and joined the Los Angeles Galaxy. Neither Manchester United nor the Galaxy can admit they made a mistake by letting go such a great player. David Beckham started with Manchester United at the age of 17. He was the player that won the Young Player Of The Year award for teens in 1998. He also won the Player Of The Year award in 1999. He started with Manchester United at the age of 17 and will surely finish with his current career at age 35. He started with featured in England U-21, he featured 108 times and got one goal. He also featured 47 times for England during the FIFA World Cup in 2002. He also made seven appearances at Euro 2000, but failed to get any goal at all. In…

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Football is a word created and accepted as a game. It has also been called ‘Association Football’. The specific rules of the game of football is quite hard to define, like its exact meaning or an exact rule. The football regulations are provided by the Federation International Football Association. The objective of this ‘contact’ game is to bring the ball into the other team’s goal. There are only 18 players on each team and only 11 players from the losing team in the game of football. Both required teams must use their fullback as a goal ‘ citation. This game starts with kickoff one week and the league organizers decide the duration of the game. The game of football has now become the most popular and amazing game of the world. It is played on the the most powerful and big platform where millions of eyes are directed at the…

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Many anglers whether fishing in fresh or salt waters believe that “psychology” plays a part in how well or bad their fishing trip goes. Well, they are partially right! Psychology does play a role in every aspect of life. However, the point of this article is to point out that the way your presents yourself is just as important as the material on your end. In order to take your fishing to the next level, you must focus on and implement the proper fishing tactics. There are four major things that you should keep in mind, when paying attention to your day’s fishing: 1) You Can Fishing Right Through the Same Inshore and Offshore Breaks: Many people I talk to go on “band note trips,” in order to establish contact with other anglers and “break up the deer’s antlers.” But, I ask you to think about something in addition to…

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